3x1 - the myth is dead​/​reflex of difference​/​1st release

by paura

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released July 4, 2003



all rights reserved


paura São Paulo, Brazil

PAURA is a 5-piece from São Paulo, Brazil, that makes its
unique blend of hardcore and metal. To imagine a cross
between Sepultura and Sick of it All, or Slayer with the Bad
Brains, one will know what it’s been talked about. A band with
the DIY spirit and ethics of hardcore, with the obnoxiousness
and heaviness of a metal outfit.
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Track Name: protected
Fear of being accomplice at all...
Resist!!!...(will you understand?)
Leading reasons...(words were the guns)...searching motives...
He´ll be a victim and so will you
That´s all business...(that´s all business!!!!)
They won´t let you explain if you break the "S" code Silence means fear?...
No!!!...Denial!!!...will you understand???
Can you hear me?
Can you understand???
Can you?
He´ll be a victim and so will you
That´s all business...
Same violence can hit me...same problems can take place. Conduct charged...fool expression...the secret will be safe with him...
He can´t talk now...he won´t tell you...by the way...the "S" code is protected.
Track Name: third world calls
On the move to unchain from settled connections that planted guerrillas all over our land As the lights go out!!!
As the lights go out!!!
Supremacy had its time...beware...here we take over... Check it...it´s going on...molotovs in case we need... Brainless often releases aggression and push us further away from peace.
Truth is not what matters...on support to indecent profits You inflict a deadly struggle to keep the world a hell to live...
Come closer...take a walk on my neighborhood
Pride is not the right choice for you to pick at this time Frustrated...you find a wall you can´t pull down...
That´s where we stand!!!
Third world calls!!!
You can´t measure it...you got no fuckin´idea of what we can change.
Crisis...fear...collapse...nations on anger Chaos...lies...violence...blood all over my hands...
It should never happen this way...we should never feel this cold inside D
ialogue fills most space for violence that left us poor on hope E
nough of poverty...enough of misery...
And before the world collapse you can drop one body down but not a million of us
All your weapons and hate are fuel for us to organize reactions to take over...we´re gonna take the power back. Rebellions...rebellions...rebelions...rebellions (everywhere)rebellions are about to start...it´s just a matter of time, belief and will... Rebellions...rebellions...rebelions...rebellions
Track Name: hidden
So far inside...it´s my hardest trip...my hardest time...yeah,my enemies(I know them well)
Find my weakness before get helped
Can I regret?...
The myth is dead Veins still pulse...
No,I won´t die...my hands are tied up to the sky...
I search the strenght to go on...
I´ll break these chains because
I need a chance to prove all the truth inside me
Biggest distance is between our hearts and our minds...pleasures hidden behind the vice
Gold is hidden inside your eyes...(sounds are lower than they used to be)
I can´t hear my good thoughts...
I just can´t hear my thoughts...
I fight against myself to keep my positive actions with me...I´m trying to survive...
But greed and lie grow weak the spirit
How many times
I ask myself if all these things were worthwhile
How many days I spent for being so concern about this conflict How many times...
I lost the count How many days...
I can´t forget How many times
I asked for help...how many times you denied.
Track Name: mirror
It´s hard to look into the mirror and discover that you don´t know the one who appears
You just say ok?
It´s very hard for me to accept these things...you just can´t talk about my life
You always find mistakes in everything...why don´t you care about your destiny?
Words are very dangerous...they can really hurt...to live is to have objectives,hopes
Emotions and to confess that we are wrong and imperfect Look inside and try to find yourself...
Look inside you...stand by me to find yourself and free your mind and your soul
Track Name: third of the tape
Trust and faith are a knife with two edges...
I forgot to never close my eyes
Never forget betrayal is near around...
I forgot(then I stand alone)
Never forget...betrayal is near around
I need your help...
I don´t have anything
I need your help...
I´m on my knees...
And for each door that
I open they close ten for me Lie,their best for me...
Helpless,that´s how
I am Each door close ten for me.
My sense,my feelings,my hate...my sense,my choices,my guilt...
My sense...my fuckin´sense!!! A maze with no way out...a chalenge for me...the escape is to lie or follow my sense My hate...my guilt...my fuckin´sense!!!
You come and say:let´s just forget this?
My tears go away,the maze is broken.
Track Name: turn it all
Turn it all into positive things...turn it all into happiness and motives to change it all
Because this is the time to turn it all...don´t give up. Don´t let them say that you will quit because you don´t have strenght.
Turn it all...change it all...turn it all!!!
Turn it all,don´t let them say that you will quit because you don´t have strenght.
Hate,depression and weakness...(turn it)...
Fear...throw it away.
Track Name: the same road
Our scream of alert is not for you and me but for everybody To the progress of our own lifes...fight together not against!!!
Life´s a road with twists and turns...fighting together we will travel safetly on it
The time we lost with competition is precious to help the ones who really needs
If we don´t care about other´s lifes we will always commit two big mistakes
Forget to live...
Forget to learn...
Let´s give our hands and leave behind all the sad remains Let´s choose our way...life is going and you cannot stay.
Track Name: who´s nation
You say that they are little thieves...you say that they are a big threat... it´s hard to believe...they´re only children,they are just kids.
Can you exactly count how many families are on the streets? Can you objectively answer the question
I will make?
Don´t be hipocrite and tell me:are you blind or something else?
Is it acceptable to see some children stealing to survive? Between drugs and sexual exploitation,can you say that this is life?
Is it life?
Not for me.
Do you want it?
I don´t think so...
Track Name: level of maturity
Questions still remain unanswered...
I tell you need more each passing day
A reason to try a great time to stand...
He got some strenght,not a dying young mind!
We really hope and you will find find something better than those days
Again playing the same old game...there´s a light in the end
I´ll see your pride going down...
You got some strenght,not a dying young mind A reason to try a time to stand And time could let you alone...
Track Name: inner reform
Some different stories,but sound the same...
You´ll see the things going dow
Just stay the same!!!...
I hear your stories,but
I´m not able to cry... cos
I learned last time
Don´t commit the same mistake!
You cannot change your past...
But you can learn with old mistakes
Inner reform makes you feel right...against the bad think...looking for a pretty life
Trying hard the change comes quick
Don´t collide with the same mistake!!
First lesson:forget your pride
Second is:don´t collide
You can choose another path or drive the same old way...forgetting all advertisement
And collide with the same mistake!!!
Track Name: learning
I try to keep my goals in sight..but somebody can´t accept again
Each moment I think about it...
It comes over and over haunting me
A difference of views separate us us...
Do you know what you want?
A difference of views separate us...
Opinion formed about all
A difference of views separate us...
Is it something that we feel?
Are you scared of our words?
Thinking is inconvenience...
People just sit and wait
Separated ideas and separated hearts...
It´s all that we have gained Seing this movie in other moment...people claim to be permanentely right I´ve realized there´s so much to learn...always we had a pretensious life Let´s wash the dirty from our eyes
Track Name: no excuse for intolerance
Think you´re a brave...independent and adventurer
Who´s going to find the truth...just another stupid egotrip Fragile and insecure...you condemn what you don´t know Another confused person...only believe in what eyes see
No Excuse For Intolerance
Now comes the hardest part...must you believe a lie?
A door waiting to be opened...and that door is called mind So many of us grow up with folded eyes...alone you won´t stand
Childhood built your ignorance
No Excuse For Intolerance
Track Name: behind the walls of hipocrisy
(I) put my hopes....put my feelings...put my trust(on you)...and what
I get? Your hipocrisy...your brutality...your supremacy...your machist inferiority
Stereotype of all worst things...head up and look at me..with superiority
Maybe I´m a minority and you´re trying to make your life And no matter what you do...you do with brutality...sorry my sincerity
Mentally obssessed...
A shower of hipocrisy
Best pleasures in your life...are a bunch of empty dreams
Track Name: routines
Since your first breathe...they paved in your way
Told us to do it...and we do it everyday...unconsciousness...
That´s the situation...
It starts when we face our lives...a vicious circle we feed everytime
Some propaganda to our comfortable routines...controlled actions forced us to live these things
They gave you a way to live...they gave you a way to dream It´s the dope everyday we use...
World is consume!
Biggest problem isn´t buy and sell...
It´s the mind disease infecting our cells
Fashion,sex and what you have to eat...
Is blind acceptance a normal thing to live?
Track Name: fast asleep
Had friends,some good friends...opportunities but he spent it all
Build a lazy world...forgot all affection...dove into depression...nothing better to doIndividualist lifestyle ignore people´s feelings...hurt your friends...put an end on it all...
Cos your future is built by yourself
Hey,are you worried?
I feel sorry to see again your midlife crisis at the age 25...what are you doing with your time
What the hell are you doing with twenty years of your life? Stay Fast Asleep...but don´t drag me!!
I feel sorry
I saw again your isolation last night...and how stupid you can be
I know nice people asking for you...don´t turn your life into a nightmare
If you don´t find something better to do!